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McCormick Seasonings, Spices, Colors, & Flavors Distributor Based in Cebu

Updated: Apr 12

If you will ask the best chefs around the world about flavor, seasonings, and spices, the first thing that they will recommend is McCormick brand. It's not a surprising answer at all because McCormick is one of the world-renowned brands of spices.

McCormick & Company is an American food company that manufactures, markets, and distributes spices, seasoning mixes, condiments, and other flavoring products for the industrial, restaurant, institutional, and home markets.

Willoughby M. McCormick (1864–1932), started the business in Baltimore at age 25 in 1889. From one room and a cellar, the initial products were sold door-to-door and included root beer, flavoring extracts, fruit syrups and juices. Seven years later, McCormick bought the F.G. Emmett Spice Company and entered the spice industry. In 1903, Willoughby and his brother Roberdeau incorporated the company in Maine; it was reincorporated in Maryland in 1915. Today, it operates more than 40 manufacturing facilities in 21 countries, growing from three to more than 8,000 employees worldwide.

Here in the Philippines, McCormick is a household name with its familiar green, gold and white packaging. With an impressive array of herbs, spices and seasonings, McCormick has widened its range of convenient and innovative products that turn meals into quick and easy but unforgettable dishes. One of the two business divisions of McCormick Philippines is the Industrial and Foodservice Business where they partner with Foodservice distributors and dealers for strategic distribution of McCormick products.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and trusted Foodservice distributor or supplier, 5S Distributors ("5S Distributors" or "5S") formerly MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. is here to serve you! 5S Distributors is an authorized distributor or supplier of McCormick products in Cebu and selected nearby provinces.

The MSCS "McCormick best-seller" items since 2015, listed in alphabetical order are as follows:


About the Distributor-Supplier

5S Distributors, Inc. ("5S Distributors" or "5S"), is a foodservice distributor in the Philippines based in Cebu. 5S Distributors is formerly known as MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. (MSCS) Cebu Branch which opened on September 3, 2018. It became a subsidiary of MSCS effective on April 11, 2023.

5S Distributors also directly serves its customers in Bohol, Dumaguete, and Bacolod, among others.

5S distributes its wide range of products including MCCORMICK SEASONINGS, SPICES, & FOOD COLORS & FLAVORS initially in the Foodservice such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, commissaries, canteens, schools, bakeshops, etc. The 5S customers for different products in Cebu include Pages Holdings, Titay's, Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Harbour City, Dusit Hotels and Resorts, Rico's Lechon, 10,000 Roses Cafe, Winger's Unlimited, Bo's Coffee, Cardinal Bakeshop, Choobi Choobi, Ongkin King, Waterworld Cebu, among others.

5S Distributors Sales Department contact information is as follows:


Greater Manila Area Distributor - MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc.

Are you looking for a distributor of McCormick products in the Greater Manila Area or National Capital Region and nearby provinces such as Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna, and Rizal? You may also contact directly our parent company, MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. through the following web link: MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. - Manila.

For other Visayas and the Mindanao-based customers, we serve our customers through cargo shipping options. Contact our friendly Sales Team to know how.




1. McCormick Allspice Ground (1kg)

2. McCormick Allspice Ground *(475g)

3. McCormick Anise Seed Ground (1kg)

4. McCormick Anise Seed Whole (1kg)

5. McCormick Barbecue Sauce (3.5kg)

6. McCormick Barbecue Spice Seasoning (1kg)

7. McCormick Basil Leaves Ground (500g)

8. McCormick Basil Leaves Whole *(300g)

9. McCormick Bay Leaves Whole *(80g)

10. McCormick Black Pepper Ground (1kg)

11. McCormick Black Pepper Ground *(530g)

12. McCormick Black Pepper Whole (1kg)

13. McCormick Black Pepper Whole *(400g)

14. McCormick Black Peppermill Grind (1kg)

15. McCormick Broiled Steak Seasoning (1kg)

16. McCormick Cajun Seasoning *(640G)

17. McCormick Caraway Seed Ground (1kg)

18. McCormick Caraway Seed Whole (1kg)

19. McCormick Cardamon Seed Ground (1kg)

20. McCormick Celery Seed Whole (1kg)

21. McCormick Chicken Gravy (1kg)

22. McCormick Chili Seasoning Powder (1kg)

23. McCormick Chili Seasoning Powder *(580g)

24. McCormick Chinese Five Spice Seasoning (1kg)

25. McCormick Cinnamon Ground (1kg)

26. McCormick Cinnamon Ground *(550g)

27. McCormick Cloves Ground (1kg)

28. McCormick Cloves Whole (1kg)

29. McCormick Coriander Seed Ground (1kg)

30. McCormick Coriander Seed Whole (500g)

31. McCormick Cream of Tartar (1kg)

32. McCormick Cream of Tartar *(800g)

33. McCormick Cumin Seed Ground (1kg)

34. McCormick Cumin Seed Ground *(500g)

35. McCormick Curry Seasoning Powder (1kg)

36. McCormick Curry Seasoning Powder *(480g)

37. McCormick Fennel Seed Ground (1kg)

38. McCormick Fennel Seed Whole *(500g)

39. McCormick Fried Chicken Seasoning (1kg)

40. McCormick Fried Chicken Seasoning *(860g)

41. McCormick Garam Masala (495g)

42. McCormick Garlic Granulated (1kg)

43. McCormick Garlic Granulated *(700g)

44. McCormick Garlic Minced (1kg)

45. McCormick Garlic Minced *(660g)

46. McCormick Garlic Powder Prem. (1kg)

47. McCormick Garlic Powder Reg. (1kg)

48. McCormick Garlic Salt (1kg)

49. McCormick Garlic Salt *(615g)

50. McCormick Ginger Ground (1kg)

51. McCormick Gravy Regular (kg)

52. McCormick Greek Seasoning (560g)

53. McCormick Hamburger Seasoning (1kg)

54. McCormick Hamburger Seasoning *(800g)

55. McCormick Italian Seasoning (500g)

56. McCormick Italian Seasoning *(200g)

57. McCormick Lemon & Pepper Seasoning (1kg)

58. McCormick Lemon & Pepper Seasoning *(680g)

59. McCormick Marjoram Leave Ground (500g)

60. McCormick Marjoram Leave Whole (300g)

61. McCormick Meat Tenderizer (Non-Seasoned) (2kg)

62. McCormick Meat Tenderizer (Non-Seasoned) (1.1kg)

63. McCormick Meat Tenderizer (Seasoned) (1kg)

64. McCormick Mexican Seasoning *(525g) ​​​

65. McCormick Mustard Seed Whole (1.3kg)

66. McCormick Mustard Seed Ground (1kg)

67. McCormick Nutmeg Ground (1kg)

68. McCormick Nutmeg Ground *(505g)

69. McCormick Old Bay Seasoning *(680g)

70. McCormick Onion Minced (1kg)

71. McCormick Onion Powder Special (1kg)

72. McCormick Onion Powder Special *(500g)

73. McCormick Oregano Leaves Ground (1kg)

74. McCormick Oregano Leaves Whole (250g)

75. McCormick Oregano Leaves Whole *(425g)

76. McCormick Parsley Flakes (150g)

77. McCormick Parsley Flakes *(80g)

78. McCormick Pizza Pie Seasoning (500g)

79. McCormick Pizza Pie Seasoning *(3100g)

80. McCormick Prepared Mustard (200g)

81. McCormick Prepared Mustard (3.4kg)

82. McCormick Red Cayenne Pepper Ground (1kg)

83. McCormick Red Cayenne Pepper Ground *(450g)

84. McCormick Red Pepper Crushed (500g)

85. McCormick Roasted Garlic Powder *(615g)

86. McCormick Rosemary Leaves Ground (500g)

87. McCormick Rosemary Leaves Whole (500g)

88. McCormick Rosemary Leaves Whole *(235g)

89. McCormick Sage Leaves Rubbed (500g)

90. McCormick Sage Leaves Rubbed *(195g)

91. McCormick Smoked Paprika Ground (1kg)

92. McCormick Smoked Paprika Ground *(450g)

93. McCormick Spanish Paprika (1kg)

94. McCormick Spanish Paprika *(470g)

95. McCormick Star Anise Ground (1kg)

96. McCormick Star Anise Whole *(500g)

97. McCormick Taco Seasoning (1kg)

98. McCormick Tarragon Leaves (300g)

99. McCormick Tarragon Leaves *(90g)

100. McCormick Thyme Leaves Ground (800g)

101. McCormick Thyme Leaves Whole (400g)

102. McCormick Turmeric Ground (1kg)

103. McCormick Turmeric Whole (1kg)

104. McCormick White Pepper Ground (1kg)

105. McCormick Worcestershire Sauce Regular (4.2kg)


1. McCormick Blue Food Color (475ml)

2. McCormick Blue Food Color (20ml)

3. McCormick Green Food Color (475ml)

4. McCormick Green Food Color (20ml)

5. McCormick Red Food Color (475ml)

6. McCormick Red Food Color (20ml)

7. McCormick Violet Food Color (475ml)

8. McCormick Violet Food Color (20ml)

9. McCormick Yellow Food Color (475ml)

10. McCormick Yellow Food Color (20ml)


1. McCormick Almond Flavor (475ml)

2. McCormick Almond Flavor (20ml)

3. McCormick Banana Flavor (475ml)

4. McCormick Banana Flavor (20ml)

5. McCormick Buco Pandan (475ml)

6. McCormick Buco Pandan (20 ml)

7. McCormick Lemon Flavor (475ml)

8. McCormick Lemon Flavor (475ml)

9. McCormick Melon Flavor (475ml)

10. McCormick Pandan Flavor (475ml)

11. McCormick Pandan Flavor (20ml)

12. McCormick Pineapple Flavor (475ml)

13. McCormick Strawberry Flav. (475ml)

14. McCormick Strawberry Flavor (20ml)

15. McCormick Ube Flavor (475ml)

16. McCormick Ube Flavor (20ml)

17. McCormick Vanilla Extract (475ml)

18. McCormick Vanilla Extract (20ml)


1. McCormick Taco Mix (40g)

2. McCormick Red Curry (35ml)

3. McCormick GM Cajun Mix (45g)

4. McCormick Chili Con Carne Mix (45g)

5. McCormick E/L Chinese Five Spice (30g)


Other McCormick products may be available but not listed above.

* - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)



1. McCormick website (

2. McCormick website (


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