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Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Supplier Based in Cebu

Updated: Jun 20

"A full-load of SPICY and a little bit of sweet...

Also great for fish, vegetables, noodles, and meat.

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce will surely make your dishes complete!"

If you've never put that golden Sriracha sauce to one or all of your dishes, then you're surely missing out. A lot.

This humble Thai Sauce has surely captured the world and is being dubbed as the world's most famous Asian hot sauce. It's a promise of bursting flavors, intense chili taste, and those mysterious but delightful taste (from a combination of herbs and spices) that we can't simply place.

Just a brief history: Sriracha Sauce came from a Thailand province with the same name - Sri Racha. Inspired to serve as a delicious accompaniment to seafood where this small coastal city has an abundance, Sriracha sauce was birthed close to 90 years ago.

Depending on the brand, this sauce is made with fresh jalapenos or with naturally sun-ripened Chilis. It is typically red/orange in hue and consistency may vary from being a bit runny to a viscous, pureed consistency. It possesses a distinct pungent smell that is associated with scrumptious Asian delights. Its ingredients consist mainly of Chili, Sugar, Garlic, Salt, Distilled Vinegar with no added coloring. And the taste... I'll leave for you to judge.

Even though it was originally intended for seafood dishes, Sriracha sauce goes well with almost everything - noodles, soups, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, pasta, dipping sauce, vegetables, BBQ, and even cocktails!

A favorite around the world, be sure to incorporate Sriracha Sauce in your menu or dishes and be the toast of the town, so much so if you're in the foodservice.

5S Distributors, Inc. is a distributor or supplier of Cholimex SRIRACHA Hot Chili Sauce based in Cebu City. Products available as follows:

1. Cholimex SRIRACHA Hot Cili Sauce (3 x 4.5L)

2. Cholimex SRIRACHA Hot Chili Sauce (12 x 455ml)


About the Distributor

5S Distributors, Inc. ("5S Distributors" or "5S"), is a foodservice distributor in the Philippines based in Cebu. 5S Distributors is formerly known as MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. (MSCS) Cebu Branch which opened on September 3, 2018. It became a subsidiary of MSCS effective on April 11, 2023.

5S Distributors also directly serves its customers in Bohol, Dumaguete, and Bacolod, among others.

5S distributes its wide range of products including Sliced Jalapeños initially in the Foodservice such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, commissaries, canteens, schools, bakeshops, etc. The 5S customers for different products in Cebu include Pages Holdings, Titay's, Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Harbour City, Dusit Hotels and Resorts, Rico's Lechon, 10,000 Roses Cafe, Winger's Unlimited, Bo's Coffee, Cardinal Bakeshop, Choobi Choobi, Ongkin King, Waterworld Cebu, among others.

5S Distributors Sales Department contact information is as follows:


Greater Manila Area Distributor

Are you looking for a variety of SRIRACHA HOT CHILI SAUCE in the Greater Manila Area or National Capital Region and nearby provinces such as Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna, and Rizal? You may also directly contact our parent company, MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. through the following web link: MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. - Manila.


About Sriracha Sauce

This bright red, multi-purpose hot sauce is made from red chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, salt, and sugar. The sauce is hot and tangy with just a hint of sweetness, which sets it apart from your garden variety of hot sauces.

Sriracha sauce often served as a condiment in Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese restaurants throughout the United States. There is some debate over the ethnicity of the sauce and rightly so. The most popular brand is manufactured in the United States by Huy Fong Foods, which is owned by a Vietnamese immigrant, and named after the local hot sauces in the small town of Sri Racha in Thailand.

The origins and influences for the sauce are multicultural as is its appeal. The sauce is no longer found only in Asian restaurants but also in the kitchens of chefs, the pages of culinary magazines, and on the shelves of grocery stores across the country. The sauce’s appeal is so widespread that the ingredients are listed in five languages on the bottle. (Source:


Sriracha (Thai: ศรีราชา, Thai pronunciation: [sǐːrāːt͡ɕʰāː]; English: /sɪˈrɑːtʃə/) is a type of hot sauce or chili sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. It is named after the coastal city of Si Racha, in Chonburi Province of eastern Thailand, where it may have been first produced for dishes served at local seafood restaurants.


In Thailand, sriracha is frequently used as a dipping sauce, particularly for seafood. In Vietnamese cuisine, sriracha appears as a condiment for phở, fried noodles, a topping for spring rolls (chả giò), and in sauces. Sriracha is also eaten in soup, on eggs and burgers. Jams, lollipops, and cocktails have all been made using the sauce, and sriracha-flavored potato chips have been marketed.


The origin and history of sriracha is debated. One report has it that the sauce was first produced by a Thai woman named Thanom Chakkapak in the town of Si Racha (or Sri Racha).

According to the Thai "Chomrom Rak Si Racha" (The Si Racha Lovers' Association) the sauce was first made in Sriracha by Burmese sawmill workers. The association interviewed 88-year-old Thawat Wiphisamakun, known locally as Ah Pae. Ah Pae's maternal grandmother had a small shop in Sriracha. The Burmese workers came to the shop to buy chilies, salt, vinegar, and sugar to pound in a mortar to make their sauce. Eventually, she started making the sauce herself, both for family use and for sale to customers. Soon, another customer, Kimsua Thimkrachang, began to buy large quantities of chillies, salt, vinegar, and sugar. He was making the chilli sauce for sale, using the brand name, "Sauce Si Racha Traa Phukhao Thong" (Golden Mountain Brand Si Racha Sauce) with a picture of the Golden Mountain Temple on the label. Its name was "Si Racha Phanich". (Source: Wikipedia)

Cholimex Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Main ingredients: Chili, sugar, garlic, salt, water, corn starch.

Usage: Use as a dip for roasted/fried/grilled/BBQ foods.


Are you looking for a supplier of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce in the Cebu, Bohol, Dumaguete, & Bacolod? 5S Distributors is here to serve you!

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